Moura Rail System

Dumgree 109km

Moura Mine 191 km
Belldeen 155 km
Earlsfield 128 km
Annandale 121 km
Dumgree 109km
Mt Rainbow 91 km
Fry 74 km
Clarke 63 km
Stirrat 40 km

Dumgree is located on the north slope of the Callide Range on a flat shelf overlooking Bells Creek. The Moura Line follows the creek to ease the grade for loaded trains up to the highest point on the line at Mt Rainbow to the east.
Much of the ballast for the line was excavated from a pit next to the loop, the pit once featured a siding to load ballast wagons but it was disconected after the 1996 upgrade and torn up in late 2007.
The line west to Annandale is mostly deep cuttings and high fills to maintain the gentle grade for loaded trains.
The line to Mt Rainbow crosses Bells Creek three times as it snakes its way along the valley it forms before the countryside spreads out near the top of the climb near Mt Rainbow.

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In the middle far right of the map above you can see the white cabin at the eastern end of the old loop.


2207 and brothers lay on the power as they begin the climb up the grade to Mt Rainbow. To the left of the train is Bells Creek which the line follows to the crest of the range, to the rear of the train is Bell Creek No.3 bridge the longest and highest on the line at 144 meters long and 15 meters above the creekbed. You will also notice the new approach signal under construction to allow larger trains to run on the line.
16/04/07 11.00


Taken from the rear curve in the previous photo a four unit empty train is about to cross the Bell's Creek #3 bridge.


2262, 2157D and 2210 power across the Bell's Creek #3 Bridge just east of Dumgree Loop. 23/09/07


4027 leads train 9QJ1 to Moura Mine over the new section of Dumgree loop to the east of the existing loop, behind the trees in the left of the photo is where the new points and signals are located. It is not common to see 4000 class locos pulling a smaller train such as this one, when loaded this train will at most be 4700 ton gross. This train crossed with train 9Z09 from Boundary Hill mine featured in a photo below headed by 2255 at Mt Rainbow at about 08.15.
05/07/07 08.47


A Callide Mine train holds the mainline for a cross with an Moura Mine bound empty.
06/05/07 16.30


9QJ5 on the way to Moura Mine passing through the new enlarged cutting for the loop extension just east of the previous loop UP home signal.


Train 9Z09 running hard through Dumgree 15 minutes after departing Boundary Hill mine. In the background over the locos you can see he ballast workings that provided most of the ballast for the line. This train will be sighted again at 16.00 here at Dumgree returning to Moura for another load.
05/07/07 07.28 


Train 9WK9 for Boundary Hill slowly heading down the main line after encountering a signal fault at the Down Home signal that thew it into emergency. Waiting in the loop at the Down starter to the rear of this train is a empty thirteen wagon ballast train worked by 1729 and 2484 that has been dropping ballast along the line from Belldeen to Dumgree for most of the day.
And waiting at the UP home signal is train 9ZJ9 from Callide Mine with 2262, 2160D, 2202 and 2203D with fivety-eight 105 ton wagons.
Once the empty clears the points the ballast will depart and 9ZJ9 will pull into the loop and then 9WK9 will depart. 
05/07/07 17.19



9ZJ2 draws into the loop in the late afternoon sun to wait for the ballast train to clear the section to Mt Rainbow.


2203D, 2154 and 2207 head for Moura Mine after crossing with the loaded train pictured below at Dumgree. This photo and the one below were taken only 200 meters apart and show the difficulties faced with the lines construction.
16/04/07 12.20


2205D, 2256 and 2180 lead a loaded train from Moura Mine across the high fill and into the cutting shown in the picture above at the 115 km post.
16/04/07 11.45